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Windshield Replacement

When cracks in the windshield are small and easy to fix, it’s not required to get a new one. But if you wait and the cracks get worse, you could need to buy a new one.

Because we care about our customers, Auto Glass Pros of Huntington Beach will always choose to repair their glass instead of replacing it if it is possible. Only when it’s absolutely necessary do we replace windshields. We try to give you the greatest, most cost-effective, and ecologically responsible solutions, but sometimes the damage and cracks in a windshield are too bad and replacement is the only option.

The steps of how we install windshields are as follows:

  1. Before determining whether or not to fix the windshield, our highly professional and experienced personnel will come to your place and look at the glass to see how bad the damage is.
  2. Our experts will repair your cracked windshield with new, high-quality auto glass, which will make you safer on the road.
  3. We’ll use the most advanced glues, primers, and technology to put it in.
  4. We’ll clean up all the broken glass and get rid of it.

Auto Glass Pros of Huntington Beach is the most modern business in Orange County that fixes and replaces windshields. People recognize us for our quick service, courteous staff, and high standards for repairs. We take care of each car as if it were our own, and we promise that every customer will be happy. We fix windshields on any car by following the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you are safe and happy with the work.

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How do you replace your windshield?

​There is a good reason why you shouldn’t change your windshield very often. It takes time, hard work, and skill. If you make one mistake, the glass could break or split at the worst possible time. People often forget how important a safe windshield is until it’s too late. It is better to have a professional do the replacement, and we’re not just stating that to get you to pay the accident repair firm. Still, if you want to study and have time to do so, the steps below will help you get going.

1. Throw everything away
So that you can see the complete width of the windshield, you need to clear the space around it. Once the hood is off, take off the windshield wipers, trim, and any clips that hold them in place. Due to the several ways windshields can be made, removing the molding may involve just one piece or several different pieces and clips. Some clips may be opened with your fingers, while others need a screwdriver.

2. Come up with a plan
Figure out the best technique to separate the windshield from the metal frame of the car. (called the pinch-weld.) The windshield can be taken off from both the inside and the outside of the car, and usually requires a specific knife or razor. You have to look closely at the angles to see how well yours fits and how to cut through the urethane on the whole rim in the best way. You can search YouTube to find a guide that fits your model.

3. Take the windshield out of the car
This is not going to be easy. Trimming the urethane seal around the metal frame that holds the laminated glass in place. Since there’s more room outside, most people choose to deal with the problem outside, even if it can be dangerous to do so. If the strip of urethane wasn’t thick enough, the glass in the car might break. (more than an eighth of an inch). Use a knife with a long handle to cut the urethane repeatedly from the inside out until it is all cut up. For safety reasons, you have to wear gloves. Once you’re done, carefully take the glass out of the inside. As long as the urethane was cut right, it would be easy to pull out. Since the glass is heavy, you might need some help to lift it.

4. Tidying Up
To get rid of dirt, all you need is a brush and some water. Before putting on new urethane, the area needs to be prepared. After sanding the pinch weld to get rid of the rust, you can use a razor to get rid of any extra urethane. Make sure the first layer of urethane is at least 3 millimeters (3/16 of an inch) thick before adding more. The maker of the urethane will tell you what to use to prime the pinch weld. Then, follow the instructions on the primer. Several primers say that the new windshield should also be primed around the edges. Priming makes the paint stick better and helps stop corrosion, so you shouldn’t skip it.

5. Put urethane on the exterior
For a seamless look, use a caulking gun to put a thick bead of urethane around the full edge of the pinch weld. It has been found that the best outcomes come from extruded beads that are in the shape of a triangle. We recommend that you use an electric caulking gun to make a urethane barrier between the pinch weld and your windshield. If you don’t have one, you can get one at any hardware store. If there are holes or cracks in your urethane bead, you can fix them with a putty knife or a screwdriver with a flat blade.

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