Windshield Calibration

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Windshield Calibration

It’s very important to adjust the windshield. This changes how the car’s camera works to match OEM standards. This means that your lane departure alerts, adaptive braking, and other safety features will still work even if you need to replace your windshield.

Can you explain what it means to “calibrate the windshield”?
Driving safely requires that you keep your windshield in good shape. This method changes how the camera works so that your lane departure alerts, adaptive braking, and other safety features will still work after you replace your windshield.

There are many techniques to put windshields in place.

Dynamic Recalibration: For this camera recalibration, the vehicle must be driven at a specific speed for a certain distance over a clearly specified path under ideal conditions. Again, depending on the type of car, this could take up to an hour. The goal of this calibration is to get the vehicle used to the circumstances of the road so that it can do its job better.

Static Recalibration: To do a static recalibration, you attach an image of the target to a fixture in front of the vehicle. In this case, driving isn’t included because it’s more important to look at how the cameras work while they’re not moving. This could take an hour or more, depending on the type and model of the car.

When an ADAS camera needs to be re-calibrated, there will be extra costs. There are different prices involved in making the right changes to your car. Your insurance company will pay to have the camera moved and the windshield replaced if you file a claim. 

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What is windshield calibration?

At this point, you might wonder what it means to “calibrate” a windshield.

“Calibrating a windshield” actually means calibrating the camera on or near the windshield of a car with an ADAS system. In this case, it’s not the glass that has to be set up; it’s the camera.

Why is getting a windshield calibrated so important?
When cameras that are part of ADAS systems are moved, they can’t change on their own. This means that the car needs to be calibrated by a professional following regular maintenance like replacing the windscreen. All of the ADAS cameras on your windshield will be in the right place and facing the right way. This lets your car’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) work well. Some examples are adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic braking to avoid a crash.

As part of the ADAS process, the cameras and sensors in the windshield are calibrated as a whole to make sure they work well. Accidents may happen if the vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are not set up correctly.

When do you need to fix the windshield?
When the position of a forward-facing camera in a car changes, it needs to be calibrated. Most auto fixes that involve resetting the windshield camera mean that the windshield needs to be replaced. But several manufacturers now say that windshield cameras need to be re-calibrated after a crash or when the wheels are aligned.

Can you tell me when you should get your windshield fixed?
Some of the most common reasons why ADAS systems need to re-calibrate the windscreen are:

  • New glass has been put in the windshield.
  • Getting the rims right
  • Modifications to the suspension
  • Make changes to or get rid of the camera.

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