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Rear Window Replacement

Back windshields may not fracture as often as front windshields since they are less likely to be hit by road debris, insects, or even birds. However, this does not mean that they will never break or need maintenance.

Change the rear window for something else

  1. Before we leave the store to install the glass in your home, we double-check the size and shape of the glass to make sure it’s right. (our mobile service is free). Before putting a part into an automobile, the condition of the part is carefully checked to see if it needs to be replaced.
  2. Before putting in new auto glass, you need to take the broken glass out of the car. Then we clean the inside of your car very well. Broken rear windows send pieces of glass flying everywhere, making a mess. We start by cleaning the glass that was just put in, and then we put in the rear defroster and the new window.
  3. From taking out the broken glass to putting it back in, the whole thing takes around an hour. After that, you have to wait another hour for the urethane to harden before you can drive the car again.

Auto Glass Pros of Huntington Beach is the most modern firm in Orange County that fixes and replaces windshields. People know us for our quick service, friendly staff, and high-quality repairs. Every customer’s car gets the same care and attention as our own. We always replace windshields according to the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you are happy and safe.

Get in touch with us if you need to replace the back window of the car. To give you the finest service possible, we’ve made it easy and quick to change the glass in the back window.

Broken rear window glass

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Vandalism Safety Tips

Collisions on the side of the road and very cold weather can cause the windshield and other auto glass parts to peel, break, and even crack.

In addition to these difficulties, vandalism also breaks window glasses and windshields in cars. Tempered glass is used to make windshields for cars, but accidents still happen.

Here are some things you can take to protect yourself from vandalism:

  • If there has been vandalism and a report needs to be made, call the police. If you need to fix or replace the glass in your car, go to a trustworthy auto glass repair business.
  • Talk to your car insurance company about filing a claim for repair costs.
  • If you lose your wallet and any of the cards in it, you should call your bank right once to cancel your credit cards and/or checks.
  • If you lose the keys to your automobile, you should have a locksmith make you a new set.
  • If you lose your cell phone while driving, you should call your carrier right away.
  • If one of your credit cards goes missing, you should report a possible scam right away to all three organizations that keep track of your credit.

Vandalism can only be stopped by taking drastic measures. Hide any valuable things that could be stolen or damaged. If you must park in a suspicious spot, do not even consider leaving any paperwork in your vehicle.

You should make copies of your important documents, such your passport, driver’s license, bank and credit cards, and keep them in a safe place at home. Always look for safe parking spots that have good lighting. Turn off the car and make sure all doors and the trunk are locked.

If you have to leave your car in a public place for a long time, you should let the police know. You need to put in a security system if your home has a garage or driveway.
You should put lights between your house and garage if you have a driveway. If you have to leave your car on the street at night, it’s best to park under a streetlight or some other source of light.

Even though it will cost you a lot of money, you should buy a car cover. If vandals were planning to damage your automobile, a strong car cover could stop them. Add a way to lock the wheel into the design. Because of this, your car will be a lot safer.

Vandalism could cause a lot of money to be spent. Most standard insurance policies cover losses caused by vandalism. Still, preventing problems is always preferable than solving them. Try to keep vandalism from happening as much as you can.

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