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Are you hesitant to go behind the wheel if your windshield has even the tiniest crack in it?

Should you purchase a new windshield if there are several significant cracks?

Has one of your car windows been shattered?

Theses are all common occurances, and we have everything needed to fix the problem and get you back on the road.

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Auto Glass Pros of Huntington Beach can repair or replace your windshield, door, or back window right then and there. They also provide ADAS system calibration services in the Huntington Beach, California area.

You can trust us to do any task, from fixing a little chip to replacing an entire windshield.

We are the best auto glass service around!
We promise to restore the glass in your vehicle to like-new condition as soon as possible if it has been broken.   To guarantee your entire happiness, everyone of our experts has gone through extensive training, and we only use high-quality materials and equipment.

When you schedule an appointment with us, your car will be in capable hands.

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Auto Glass Services

Schattered windshield

Windshield Replacement

​You can trust us to replace your windshield in a timely manner and at a fair price. Our expert mechanics are trained to work on any make or model of car, truck, SUV, or commercial truck.

Windshield crack

Windshield Repair

​​Small chips up to the size of a quarter are no problem for our skilled specialists, who can fix them there and then. Fixing a cracked pane of glass is more cost-effective than replacing it entirely.​

Broken car door glass

Door Glass Replacement

​Our crew will track down the appropriate sized glass for your car’s door when the time comes to replace it. Either the driver’s or passenger’s side window can be replaced in a matter of minutes, restoring your ability to get back on the road without delay.

Broken rear window glass

Rear Window Glass Replacement

​If the rear window of your car, truck, van, or SUV needs to be replaced, please give us a call. We’ve made it easy to replace the rear window glass because we care about giving you the best service possible.​​

Windshield Calibration

​​It’s important to adjust the windscreen for optimal driving conditions. This method guarantees that your lane departure alerts, adaptive braking, and other safety features will keep working as the manufacturer intended after you replace your windshield.

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Having to have emergency auto glass repair could be a major hassle. It’s possible that this issue just started happening today. Customers who are always in a hurry often have their windshields damaged by rocks and other road debris. When individuals come back to their parked cars and find broken windows, that’s another bad scenario.

If you need mobile window repair, our professionals will travel to you. In many cases, we can repair the broken glass in your car and have you back on the road the same day.
Instead of wasting time travelling to us, you may take advantage of our convenient mobile glass repair services. If you need auto repair, our experts will come to your house, place of work, or other designated location.

3 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Auto Glass Installation

Every driver worries about what will happen if the windshield of their automobile cracks or breaks. How long do you think it will take specialists to make the changes that need to be made, assuming that they can be made? So, here are three frequently asked questions and answers about replacing a windshield and other auto glass installation questions.

1. Should a crack in the windshield be patched or replaced?
This option will depend a lot on how big, what kind, and how bad the damage is.

a. The cracks will spread more quickly if they originated near the edge of the windshield. a. It can be corrected if caught early, but it’s better to replace it. Again, most people choose to get a new windshield instead of having a crack fixed if the crack is in the driver’s line of sight, as fixing it would make the view a little bit blurry.

b. Repairing damage as small as a quarter or as long as three inches is easy for professionals. b. How big and bad it is. It might seem hard to restore a 12-inch crack in your windshield, but certain windshield installation and repair firms employ cutting-edge techniques to make it look brand new again. Everything else, though, should be changed.

2. How long does it take to put auto glass in or fix it?

Initial estimates say that, depending on how bad the damage is, professionals should be able to fix it in less than 30 minutes. Most set-ups may be done in less than an hour. It will take an extra hour for the urethane. You can go back to your automobile after two hours. Most of the time, closing and shutting the back door or window won’t add an hour to the drying time.

3. How do you decide which business is the best?

This is very important when choosing a company to install or fix your windshield. If you keep the following things in mind, you should be able to find the most trustworthy auto glass installation service.

  1. All of the organization’s technicians should have the right education, experience, and qualifications.
  2. The company should have a very good track record in this area.
  3. All of the packages that the restoration firm offers should be within your budget. Most of the time, prices offered by businesses with a good reputation are fair.
  4. Check to determine if they use techniques and practices that are up-to-date.
  5. Make sure that all of the products used meet the FMVSS criteria.
  6. They have to have enough health insurance.
  7. All of the professionals you talk to must be willing to talk to you and find out what you need.
  8. Before starting work, a reputable company will always write out their plan.
  9. Last but not least, check to see if the professionals you’re thinking about can tint your windows as well as install and maintain them.

Contact Auto Glass Pros of Huntington Beach to get your windshield replaced or repaired so you can get safely back on the road.

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